Just Leila – just for me (Album)

just for me is a gift Just Leila has given herself to nurture her creativity on her own terms. By sharing this personal project with listeners, she opens the door for others to embark on a similar journey of self-acceptance and freedom.

Having lived in Morocco and the United States, Just Leila’s style reflects a blend of cultural and linguistic influences. Lyrically, you can expect to hear a mix of Arabic, French and English here.

The EP’s opening track, bits of pieces, features jazzy melodies and Afro rhythms accompanied by airy vocals. Particularly, the segment around the 1:40 mark shows great complexity. The progression of the production throughout this section is remarkable.

In bébé, Just Leila sings ”You want to love me, Want to love me, Want to love me?” in an entrancing tone over a pulsating instrumental. The track, however, is more than a mere love song, as it also promotes female empowerment.

A haunting intro transitions into sharp beats in don’t be alarmed. Just Leila’s vocals take on a smoky quality as she conveys “I looked Inside – Inside my Mind / I was mesmerized by what I found / There were no doors no walls no locks /.”

The production of ché pas is intentionally minimal, with atmospheric instrumentals. This sparseness gives Just Leila’s layered performance plenty of space to flourish. dessert song, on the other hand, tends to be more musically expansive. It develops gradually into something epic. just for me might be the most experimental track of the project, incorporating fascinating spoken word elements.

It’s inspiring to see an artist willing to be so expressive in her music. Just Leila is as honest as she can be. She really nails it.

Check out just for me below!

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