“We’re Not Coming Back” from Carry the Branches

Brooklyn based queer artist Sonar Mallory, better known to many as Carry the Branches, just released their debut EP in December on all platforms. In the past several months, they’d been leaking out singles, teasing the brilliance of the EP. Having been able to experience an early copy of the EP through coverage opportunities at my website, The Farsighted, I was excited to share this release with the masses. Now that the EP is available, you need not simply take my word for it that the entire EP is an incredible work of artistic genius. In fact, it’s easy to understand why it has earned comparisons to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Perfume Genius, with highest praise of being likened to Sparklehorse being covered by the late, great Elliot Smith.

For this music nerd, the single, “We’re Not Coming Back” harkens to a particular alternative sound that was popular in the early 2000s with bands like Polyphonic Spree, The Shins, Kaiser Chiefs, and Arcade Fire. Not only is this a pleasant sound, but it also sparks a lot of positive nostalgia, which the aging scenester in me really appreciates.

But one need not be an elder statesman of the music scene to vibe on Mallory’s “We’re Not Coming Back”. The song is infectious, an aural ear-worm of well crafted melodies, thumping rhythms, and a certain “it” factor that makes it feel equally fresh and familiar. Like the entire EP, the track is a wonderful representation of what alternative music should strive to me – singular and unique. This way when your weird uncle at the next family get together asks you about your love of alternative music with the inevitable “alternative to what?” you can reply with confidence that the alternative music you love is alternative to everything else out there.

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