International Indie Powerhouse, Apache Rose, has “Cabin Fever”

The distinctly American sounding Apache Rose actually hails from the nation of Georgia by way of Moscow. With a strong Russian following and an ever-growing international fanbase, the band’s sound in inspired by the Seattle grunge and alternative scene of the 90s more than anything else, but hints of the post-grunge era of the early 2000s and even some classic rock find their way in. Fans of alternative bands like Our Lady Peace, classic grunge acts like Mudhoney, and post-grunge rockers like the Foo Fighters are sure to find a new favorite band in this the Russian rock powerhouse.

The new single “Cabin Fever” is a teaser for the forthcoming full length, which the band promises to be a bit heavier than the first, with a more concerted effort to build textures in their sound. While not a “heavy” track, “Cabin Fever” hints towards the potential of some face shredding guitars and heavy rhythm sections in the songs that will accompany it on the new album. And, it most certainly does have a sound that feels decidedly textures and dense, while not overwhelmingly so.

In short, rockers and alternative music junkies are sure to find in this latest Apache Rose single a sound that harkens back to the grunge era while keeping an eye focused on the future. With no reservation, it’s easy to recommend you all check out “Cabin Fever” on YouTube or Spotify today.

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