Relinquish “Control” to Seattle’s Epic Concept Rockers, Night Wilds

The latest single from Seattle’s Night Wilds is from their forthcoming epic rock opera concept album All That Should Have Been. The album is equal parts Repo! The Genetic Opera, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Alice Cooper’s From the Inside. With the pointed social commentary of a Romero film, emotive and powerful hard rock with a prog influence, and an adherence to the concept as tight as Sgt. Pepper, Tommy, or Kid A – it’s a true work of art as a modern concept album. In an age where even the idea of a coherent album seems a foreign concept, getting a strong concept album feels like a damned miracle. But alas… that’s what Night Wilds is doing with All That Should Have Been.

While the new album is a few months off and you’ll have to take this reviewer’s word for its strength on the whole, you can check out the new single “Control” on Spotify now. It’s driving beat, emotive and soaring vocals, and addictive groove are the perfect way to be introduced to the story of All That Should Have Been, the sound of the album, and the band as a whole. What is ultimately a coming-of-age story that takes place at a creepy circus, the story is a critique of organized religion and fundamentalism that focuses on one’s individual growth through the muck and the mire.

Fans of the darker side of melodic rock, musicals like Phantom of the Paradise, and a good concept album are certainly going to love what Night Wilds have in store, so get ahead of the curve and whet your proverbial whistles with “Control”.

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