Luna Keller – Patterns

German singer-songwriter Luna Keller has released her new single, Patterns. While on the surface it might sound subdued, it seamlessly integrates enchanting, eerie elements into the arrangement. Keller’s expressive vocals weave a narrative that resonates and persists in the listener’s mind, like a fresh breeze seeking an outlet.

Patterns is born out of frustration when you realize that you’re in a self-destructive cycle but can’t break out of it. The lyric, “This isn’t who I want to be, yet it lives inside of me,” has evolved in its significance for Keller. Initially, it was a confession, a nod to an undesired, guilt-ridden facet of herself she deemed undeserving of love. However, over time, Keller has come to see it as proof to self-acceptance. Today, she sings these words with a feeling of empowerment, acknowledging her inner darkness but asserting that it doesn’t define her.

Check out Patterns below!

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