Faron Sage Challenges Status Quo with “No Alternative”

UK based eccentric and abstract rapper Faron Sage dares us all to attack society’s false claims there is only one way to live with his latest single, “No Alternative”. With a singular vocal style, Sage delivers lyrics that satirically mock the notion that there is “no alternative” the to current way in which we live. Government and society tell us it’s the only way, but people are starting to see that it’s not true.

With a strong message of exploring possibilities and learning to live differently, the song is full of hope and the very idea that expanding one’s mind is how we can grow and improve for our generation and future generations. The message’s power is strengthened by the way it’s delivered – that is to say that the quirkiness of Sage’s very unique persona and abstact delivery helps make the message all that much stronger.

Like the song’s message and Sage’s vocals, the music itself also refuses to be boxed within a single genre musically. With a backdrop that channels EDM, freeform jazz, alternative rock, house music, and various other genre influences through a decidedly DIY punk rock lens, the song is literally impossible to pinpoint within standard musical genres. In fact, it even features a bridge that distinctly circus-like in vibe and feeling. As eccentric as his vocal delivery, the beats and instrumentation are wonderfully unique.

All in all, an undeniably unique and powerful track. Check out the music video below:

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