Leah Nawy Reveals ‘Friend Of Mine’

Discover Leah Nawy’s eclectic, unexpected indie pop track.

Introducing Leah Nawy

Leah Nawy is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. With years of training that have taken her through classical music, rock bands, and Berklee, she has started to release and refine her own genre-blending sound.

Leah Nawy – ‘Friend Of Mine’

‘Don’t wanna make another friend of mine… another person to leave behind’ opens ‘Friend Of Mine’ by Leah Nawy, a slightly weary reflection for a young artist. But don’t worry, the track isn’t weighed down – for all its thoughtfulness, this tune has a surprising amount of energy and maybe even a dancefloor groove. 

‘Friend Of Mine’ is an unpredictable yet energetic indie-pop track, somehow both retro and fresh.

The introspective lyrics reflect on inconstant relationships. At times resigned – ‘maybe we just don’t get along’ – and at times accepting – ‘whatever’s left will take its shape’. There’s an unnerving feel to lyrics like ‘do we disappear’, but it’s balanced out by the confident melodies and Nawy’s full-throated, evocative vocal delivery. 

The production constantly evolves, beginning with bubbling, ethereal synths and steady guitar picking, and layering subtle backing harmonies. A punchy synth bass harks back to the 1980s, yet some sock-hop beats seem to reference the 1950s, and then before you know it we’re in full 90s grunge guitar mode, complete with electric solo. Influences of acts like Blondie, Alabama Shakes and The Strokes can be heard, but it definitely feels unique – impressive for a new artist. The feel ranges from intimate to dancefloor, and the abrupt ending prompts another listen. 

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