Alesandra – Deep End

Alesandra Pollac, a gifted singer-songwriter of 20 years, is carving out her unique spot in the pop scene. In debut single Deep End, she reveals some of her inner thoughts. The lyrics, affecting and heartfelt, instantly connect with the soul. It’s truly remarkable how Alesandra delivers them. The chorus proves to be unforgettable because of its catchy tone.

Alesandra was just seventeen when she wrote Deep End. During that time, she was in the process of entering her third treatment facility, and it felt as if her situation wasn’t improving. Everything seemed like an endless battle. By making music, Alesandra aims to initiate meaningful discussions around mental health and shed light on the difficulties people face.

Alesandra remains firm in her authenticity. For her, music isn’t just a means of achieving success, but also a valuable means of supporting others. This alone qualifies Deep End as essential. It’s the kind of song that inspires strength when you need it most.

Check out Deep End below!

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