New Jersey Trio Release Vulnerable Pop-punk Single: ‘My Heart’s In The Palm Of Your Hand’

Funky guitar riffs, hard-hitting lyrics tied neatly in a bow with their impressive harmonies.

The New Jersey based trio, Dog in a Man Suit, released ‘My Heart’s in The Palm Of Your Hand’ last month and it’s a song that is difficult to forget. The 90s-inspired punchy tune uses both male (Billie Seeland) and female (Anjali Nair) vocals that intertwine perfectly to create complex but elegant harmonies.

This is the band’s fifth single release and has been one of their favourites when performing live over the last few years. It is the first in a series of singles they will release from their back catalogue that will be revitalised by mastering engineer Adam Haggar.

It begins with strong Green Day esque guitars paired with equally bouncy drums. Despite the energetic feel of the record, the songs lyrics are a lot darker. The indie punk song explores the feeling of betrayal, referencing the stages someone goes through when dealing with it when in a romantic relationship, including the initial disbelief to anger and then confusion.

A line that stands out to me is, “Can’t trust my intuition, can’t trust you understand. The knife twists, nothing like it”. This is referencing the pure pain felt after being betrayed and trust literally being shattered.

The vulnerable and emotive lyrics highlight the complexities of relationships and that it’s not ever simple enough to just stop loving someone.

The pop-punk anthem channels many artists, hearing influences of Wolf Alice with the melody and style mixed with the quick edgy guitars reminding me of Anti-Flag.

2024 is set to be a huge year for Dog In A Man Suit as they will be recording their debut LP – so stay tuned for that one!

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