Father And Son Duo Make An Impressive Return With Captivating Indie Song: ‘Make A Difference’

Dynamic father and son song-writing duo, Mercurius, return with a very well-produced, smooth-sounding indie track, ‘Make A Difference’.

The duo from Morpeth, Northeast England, used their natural chemistry to create a spectacular song that should go straight onto your playlist!

The record is highly colourful with father, Paul Brown, providing the backbone of the song, playing intricate guitar riffs that pair immaculately with those suave and energetic drums. However, it must be said that it’s James Brown’s effortless vocals that really take this track to a new level.  James solidifies himself as a more than capable frontman with his impressive commanding voice that successfully portrays raw emotion to listeners.

The melodic indie rock anthem explores the idea of giving young people a chance to rule the world after it has been made such a mess by older generations. The forward-thinking band invite listeners to trust young people, urging people to give them the chance to, “Make a Difference”.

Mercurius combine the innovative spirit of Radiohead, the vigour of Muse and emotive lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel to inspire this multi-layered song.

The talented duo is already making waves with their music with over 100,000 total Spotify plays, and they are confident this is only the beginning. James said: “We are extremely optimistic that our next batch of songs will be our best yet”.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before Mercurius come back with another impressive, thought-provoking rock n roll song – so make sure you keep an eye out for their new music!

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