The Soulful Johnny Herman Releases Powerful New Jazz-inspired Single: ‘Ocelotoflounge’

Soulful soft rock singer-songwriter, Johnny Herman from Norwich, returns with his fourth successive solo single – ‘Ocelotoflounge’.

The single is a love letter to jazz music, featuring incredibly charming vocals paired with thought-provoking lyrics to create a beautifully elegant record. The song pays homage to different jazz eras in its structure, fusing swing, yacht rock and hints of neosoul rhythm.

The single seamlessly transports you to a groovy jazz lounge setting with a vivacious finger-snapping atmosphere complimented by a rich lively sound.

Aside from the plethora of jazz influences, Johnny is heavily inspired by studio and production focused artists. One band he looks up to in particular is British indie royalty, ‘The Arctic Monkeys’ with their newest jazz-leaning experimental album, ‘The Car’, becoming a huge influence on Johnny’s music over the past year. This is not surprising as Johnny’s smooth commanding voice on this track definitely reflects the style of the iconic Alex Turner.

The talented solo artist developed the record through performance, playing it at open mics by making small iterations as he played it more and more. Surprisingly, despite the songs rich sound, most of this record was recorded simply in a bedroom within Norfolk’s Arcadian landscape, allowing Johnny to keep the track’s bubbly energy and warm soul alive.

Johnny himself described the captivating track as “one for the lovers of lounge, the yacht rock enjoyers and the lyrically interested,” so if you fit in that category, stay tuned for what is next for Johnny Herman.

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