Milena Galasso Tackles Violence Against Women On ‘Cold’

Recorded between Abbey Road and Angel Studios, “Cold” is a candid single from UK pop newcomer Milena Galasso, that deals with the subject of violence against women.

Discussing the delicate and extremely personal topic of violence against women, the single was written after a life-threatening experience for Milena, who later wondered how many other stories are left untold. Her feelings of powerlessness and anger formed the deeply vulnerable pop ballad, which features similar stories from male and female friends.  Milena explains:
‘I was stuck, because no matter how angry I felt, I still wanted to feel hopeful, but luckily, I found a new angle by showing the song to my good friend and co-writer Phil Boothroyd. Together, we considered my own and my friends’ experiences and structured the song in a way that is true to both myself and to them.’

Women should have the right to get home safely, to dress as they like, to enjoy a night out, and to listen to music on the way back home rather than be alert at all times: “They shouldn’t have to keep ‘keys in their hands’ just to prepare themselves for the worst or pretend to talk to someone on the phone in fear for their safety”. An unflinching track of great sensitivity to current social issues, the single emits heartfelt piano instrumentals to portray the main essence and message of the song, hoping to raise more awareness on the topic through music. The artist further explains that listening to the track is like taking an ice-cold bath: Painful at first, but overall awakening.

Cold is the first release from her debut EP ‘I hope you’re having fun’, set for release in the first half of 2024, Milena Galasso is a powerful new force in pop, and many listeners will be drawn to her progressive, intimate character.

Not even one year in the industry, Milena has all eyes on her as we anticipate her debut EP. ‘cold’ is a powerful first taster to this collection, and many of the singer’s experiences and emotions are something we can recall within ourselves.

“Milena Galasso brings truth and tale to topic, and we’re excited to see her pave the way for more sincere storytelling in modern pop”.

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