Sonia Ahmed’s Fresh Twist On ‘Mango’

Discover Sonia Ahmed’s hypnotic dance-house track.

Sonia Ahmed – ‘Mango’

It’d be understandable if you thought of fruit from the title ‘Mango’. And though mangoes are great, and potentially a reference to Sonia Ahmed’s South Asian heritage, the title also serves as a play on words, a cool dismissal to anyone who bothers you while you’re feeling yourself – man, go. 

Sonia Ahmed describes herself as a genre-hopping artist who transcends boundaries and celebrates cultural roots. After the success of her debut single ‘Freedom’ in 2023, she’s back with her sophomore release.

‘Mango’ is an infectious electronic track with influences of dance, house, and more, and a positive, uninhibited energy. ‘

Wake up every day like a goddess’, opens Ahmed, speak-singing in a cool-girl drawl. The lyrics are confident and youthful, rap influenced with lines like ‘ain’t nothing change but the Prada, flaws on my face, don’t see nada’. There’s also a sense of pride and expectations in the line ‘Imma give em something to be proud of’.  The ‘do what we want hook’ is particularly memorable, sliding over the beats tipsily, before the whispery ‘mango’ hook drops. Fruit has never been so freeing. 

The production combines a sultry synth bass and minor, hypnotic harmonies. Claps set up a dancefloor groove over shuffling, twisting beats, showing influences of grime, house, drum and bass, and more. Somewhere between Dizzee Rascal and M.I.A might be a good reference for Sonia Ahmed. Anyone looking for something fresh to add to their electronic playlists could do worse than putting ‘Mango’ on and seeing how the dancefloor reacts. 

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