The Haunt – I Don’t Like the Quiet

The Haunt co-founders and siblings Anastasia Grace Haunt and Maxamillion “Max” Haunt rely on their quiet lifelong bond to create an electric music experience. Their newest single, I Don’t Like the Quiet, resonates with listeners on an impressive scale. The forceful instrumentals, led by the compelling cadence of the drums and the guitar notes, form the backbone of the track. Yet, the song takes an unexpected turn with a mellifluous outro, bringing gentle closure to the robust composition. The vocals strike a fine balance, dynamically flowing in harmony with the background.

I Don’t Like the Quit tells the story of someone who has taken a lot and is stuck in a relationship that no longer serves them, out of fear of being alone. The lyrics are thoughtful in multiple ways.

Check out I Don’t Like the Quiet below!

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