The Silent Era Unveil Reflective Track ‘Heaven//Hell’

London-based act, The Silent Era, kick off 2024 with a compelling new track, Heaven//Hell.

The Silent Era – Heaven//Hell

Comprising Bri Macanas (vocals), Chris Schwarten (guitar), Nicolas Zappa (bass), and Jo Eiffes (drums), The Silent Era masterfully blends influences from various genres, including shoegaze, industrial, goth rock, and post-punk. This dynamic quartet seamlessly weaves together heavy tones and melodious harmonies, creating a distinct and immersive musical experience.

The band’s origin story traces back to 2018 when Chris, Nicolas, and original drummer Conor collaborated. Following the dissolution of their previous project, Ghost Wives, the trio continued to experiment with different vocalists until Bri Macanas joined, solidifying the group’s core. After the release of their debut, Heavy Cure, Conor departed, making way for Jo to join, shaping the current lineup of The Silent Era.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, the four members, now based in London, have crafted a unique style, each contributing a special element to their musical tapestry. The result is a fascinating blend of cultures that enriches their sonic identity.

In their latest release, Heaven//Hell, The Silent Era delves into the dualities of good and evil within the human experience. The track explores the challenging journey of acknowledging personal suffering and the subsequent struggle for healing and trust. Despite the sombre theme, the song conveys a message of hope even in the darkest moments.

The track’s atmospheric beginning, driven by mesmerizing drum beats and Bri’s evocative vocals, sets the stage for an introspective journey. As the song progresses, both the instrumentation and vocals intensify, culminating in a powerful crescendo that demands attention and showcases the band’s musical prowess.

Heaven//Hell emerges as a compelling example of The Silent Era’s adept songwriting, skillfully interweaving darkness and beauty.

Fortunately, Heaven//Hell is just the start of The Silent Era’s musical endeavours for the year. With a commitment to releasing more material, this dynamic quartet invites audiences to stay tuned, ensuring that silence will be the last thing associated with this exciting new band.

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