Limandi – FUCK. IT. (Album)

Singer-songwriter Limandi breathes creativity. With FUCK. IT., she delivers what she’s always envisioned. It’s raw, honest, and striking on the ear. Limandi does exactly what you’d expect, but also a lot more.

Interested in how this debut album came to be? Here’s the deal. Four years ago, Limandi secluded herself in a studio near her hometown and created this masterpiece. With its varied style, FUCK. IT. serves as a testament to Limandi’s artistry and resilience.

One Day I’ll Be Proud, which opens, the project, quietly unfolds. The one-minute intro carries a lot of vibes. Limandi then starts singing and rapping in a hybrid style. She encourages herself to keep going because one day she’ll be proud of herself.

The title track follows and is well-structured. It has some dreamy moments, but there are also some more dynamic moments throughout. Lines, such as ”I could have done better”, assist in clarifying the topic.

How Fucking Hard kicks builds nicely, and might be the most noteworthy from a production standpoint. Its complexity is astounding. The interplay between elements remains impressive, and wow, the last section really hits home.

Put The Blame On Me sounds catchy, with Limandi rising above a breathtakingly stunning background. You’ll feel as though you’re on another planet.

Hopin’ You’ll Be Fine maintains the quality. Rhythmically, it achieves splendor, but the melodies also have flair. It’s cool that it can be atmospheric and poppy at the same time.

Family has such heartfelt content. Limandi shows how we all evolve as individuals, and how that relates to family. The way she delivers the lyrics leaves an indelible mark.

Last, but not least, we have Where You’re Heading To. Possibly my favorite. See it as a mixture of country and R&B, almost impossible to describe. You really have to hear it to grasp what I mean.

Limandi is destined to be a leading figure in the music industry. From many perspectives, FUCK. IT. feels complete. Check it out below!

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