Mae Krell Bravely Sings About Fear and Anxiety on New Song “too hard”

Indie artist Mae Krell’s new song “too hard” is finally here! This acoustic-driven song features a vocal delivery that bleeds emotion on every line sung. Lyrically, the song is an honest and raw portrayal of fear and anxiety as the songwriter grapples with not feeling “enough” and not feeling deserving of the love they have been given. The songwriter questions “Is loving me too hard?” The poetic lyrics paint a scene of a haunted house being explored by teenagers, and a flight being missed because of luggage that weighs too much. We asked Mae Krell about the inspiration of the song “too hard” and she gracefully shared:

i wrote “too hard” early last year while staying at a tiny secluded cabin in upstate new york with my dog. i had decided i was going to make a full length album (my debut!) and wanted to make sure i was able to take some time to really focus on writing songs that felt sonically and thematically consistent. about halfway through my week-long stay at the cabin, i hadn’t written anything. i tend to be very self-critical in the writing process, often stopping myself before i finish something because i think it isn’t “good”, and i think that’s a lot of what was happening. On the day i ended up writing “too hard”, I decided that I was just going to force myself to put something down without judgement, and that’s when this song came to me. – Mae Krell

“too hard” is about a ton of different little things that all together create a person who is scared of being known and by default, scared of being loved. it’s essentially me completely putting my heart out there and saying: i don’t know if i deserve the love i’ve been given, i don’t really believe that i do, and deep down, i think i’m scared that if i fully accept it then it’ll all be taken away.


the song was inspired by finally having a moment of silence and reflection amidst constant chaos. When you’re often too busy to genuinely sit down and process what you’re feeling, it can lead to a lot of built up fear and anxiety. This song was me letting all of those fears and anxieties out and making them into a folk song! – Mae Krell

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