Backstrom Takes Listener on a Journey of Heartbreak, Loneliness, and Ghost Towns

Backstrom has just released his debut album, The Carousel, featuring Bart Topher on lead vocals. For this record, he wanted to take a deeper dive on the recording process, which lead to the use of Fiverr. Fiverr allowed Backstrom to find and collaborate with artists and instrumentalists from all over the world.

For recording i start by making a demo myself, then i take in diffrent musicians where i want to improve the instrumental or sound. I used for that and send files back and forth all around the world. Theres some great musicians that plays on alot of songs here, like Fransisco Paz who plays all drums and percussion, Luca Giannotti does alot of the folky guitars and Kimberly Faith sings harmonies on 6 songs. – Backstrom

The record combines elements of rock, folk, and blues. The first song, “Train Wreck Coming” features a classic blues song structure with many memorable vocal melodies that beg to be sung along to. The vocal harmonies bring this song into the Soul category. The song also features impressive guitar licks. This song is a magical kickoff for the record!

The next track carries us to a more folky sound. “It’sTooLate – Remix” is a ballad about a relationship that is on the fritz. The lyrics express how there is no chance or hope for the relationship to continue on, too much has happened, they can’t go back to what they were, and trying again will not amount to anything. The emotion cuts through in the vocal, the singer sings with a depressed emotion but also comes across as stern. He is stern about his decision to end things and cease trying. “It’sTooLate – Remix” is an excellent breakup anthem.

This brings us to “Animal” which starts with a compelling string section, pulling listeners in. The vocals show another side to the writing and singing talents. The melody stands out from the previous two tracks, taking on a more experimental nature. There is something that is very retro about the vocal style and songwriting style. This is a song about someone’s dark side and the inability to tame it or hide it. This song is made complete with a catchy refrain, “you’re the animal that you have always been.”

“The Carousel” picks up the pace a bit while remaining dark in vibe. A confidence comes across in the vocal delivery while the singer unfolds a story about someone’s mental health issues by using the imagery of a haunted carousel that is impossible to get off of. The singer reveals the songwriter’s lack of hopefulness about the dark situation: “Sticks and stones and broken bones, tricks and games, around it goes, The world is spinning like a carousel, you can’t get off. You better hang on because it won’t stop.” He once again sees no end in sight.

A gorgeous acoustic guitar section kicks off “The Traveler.” Lyrically, the story is about someone struggling to “get by” in life. The traveler is isolated throughout his journey, faced with an incredible amount of loneliness, as he searches daily for answers on the meaning of life and a place to call his own. The guitars follow the vocal melody very well and lift the song into another dimension of greatness.

The story continues with “Ghost Of A Town” which gives the listener more of a backstory. The story begins in the year 1890. It’s of a town that becomes abandoned in the industrial age, as factories begin getting shut down and life shifts. These changes bring on hard-to-deal with shifts that make life a struggle. At one time, people cared about this town, called it their own, eventually the townspeople moved on, leaving their beloved town’s lights to burn out and be passed by and overlooked. “Everything under the sun is born for dying.” The singer weeps about the impermanence of everything. A fiddle solo carries a melody that sounds much like a funeral. The song mourns the town that once was.

We hear “Winter Moon” about the winter months, the freezing temperatures, and being close to loved ones. This song brings a sense of romanticism to the album. The singer wishes to be held in the cold, staying close to the one he loves. He sings about leaving their worries behind momentarily, living in the moment, completely surrounded by love in the light of the winter moon.

The adventure continues on “The Journey.” This song brings about a sense of happiness and hopefulness. The tone of the vocal shifts, as the lyrics suggest, the story on the record has been about a very difficult time in life, but now Backstrom feels back on top, ready to conquer the world. The seasons have shifted from sadness to happiness, and the journey has allowed for great life lessons to be learned.

The grand finale of the record is “Darkness.” We hear the grand vocals of Luca Giannotti. The song brings us back to feelings of darkness, sadness, rough times… The story continues on. “It’s going to take believing to ride out the storm.”

“Theres not always a deep meaning behind all lyrics, some are more based on what sounds good or a story that fits and i think its better to let the listner make their own interpretation of the songs then to explain it myself.” – Backstrom

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Written by Ryan Cassata


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