Captivating Despair: Exploring Backstrom’s “The Carousel”

Backstrom has recently unveiled his inaugural album titled “The Carousel,” and in this article, our spotlight is on the title track. “The Carousel” elevates the tempo while maintaining a dark and moody atmosphere. The vocal delivery exudes confidence as the singer narrates a tale delving into someone’s mental health struggles, cleverly using the haunting imagery of an inescapable carousel. The lyrics paint a bleak picture, expressing the songwriter’s lack of optimism about the grim situation: “Sticks and stones and broken bones, tricks and games, around it goes, The world is spinning like a carousel, you can’t get off. You better hang on because it won’t stop.” There is a palpable sense of despair with no apparent end in sight. Musically, this is a standout track with great songwriting. Enjoy it on Spotify now:


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