Molly O’Leary Releases “Ticking Of A Clock” & Announces Album Release Show

Molly O’Leary is out with a fantastic new single, “Ticking Of A Clock.” The lyrics offer a deeply personal and unfiltered narrative of a frightening experience Molly had while on the road. This song is a personal and raw account of an allergic reaction followed by an anxiety attack that Molly O’Leary experienced in the Boston Airport.

Opening with an acoustic melody that sets the stage for the story, the song later transitions into a powerful chorus that seamlessly blends elements of grunge and blues. Molly O’Leary, a talented singer-songwriter, bares it all in this track, allowing the listener to connect with the raw emotions of life.

Excitement is building as Molly O’Leary’s much-awaited album is set to release next month. To celebrate, O’Leary will host an album release party at Askew in Providence, RI. Get ready to immerse yourself in the soulful and authentic musical journey crafted by Molly O’Leary.

Listen to Ticking Of A Clock now:

I recorded this song (and the whole album) in Nashville, TN with producer Will Hoge. It was my first time recording in Nashville. We recorded scratch tracks first and then did a couple of days at a different studio for drums, keys, and bass. It was really exciting to see this song transform from its original acoustic demo to the big full band full production sound.

This song is about my struggles with anxiety. It was specifically inspired by a panic attack that happened in the Boston airport when I had an allergic reaction and needed to play a show in Indiana within 24 hours. It all worked out though, and I got a song out of it. So maybe it was worth it, haha. – Molly O’Leary

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