For Fans of AFI and MCR: Check Out Black Bouquet’s “No More Blood”

Recently released music video for “No More Blood” has a clear 80s/early 90s vibe, but the song itself truly invokes peak My Chemical Romance and AFI in its epic vibe, gothic roots, and punk rock aesthetics. While it can certainly be said that those bands were influenced by the punk and goth music of this exact era, there’s something about Black Bouquet’s new album and this track particularly that really feels like it would be best placed in-between “Miss Murder” and “Welcome to the Black Parade” on an early 2000s alternative radio station.

As a child of the 80s, the music video’s nostalgic aesthetic is pitch perfect for me. From the outfits to the film style to the static and commercials preceding the video, it’s all perfect. It doesn’t feel unlike flipping on MTV for some late night rock videos when I was a young lad.

The music itself is also extremely enjoyable. As mentioned above, there’s a distinct musical vibe of the early oughts goth punks like My Chemical Romance and AFI. The vibe reminds me of seeing bands like Vendetta Red open up for punk bands I saw touring around or that Summer I went to The Cure’s Curiosa Festival Tour. There’s a blend styles that range from pop and new wave to big epic rock ala Godspeed! You Black Emperor. It’s lo-fi and big at the same time.. and it’s hard not to love how it balances these influences and sounds.

Check out “No More Blood” (and more) below:

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