The Haar & Jessie Summerhayes – My Sweet Wild Rose

Innovative Anglo/Irish group, The Haar, in collaboration with poet Jessie Summerhayes, release their new single, My Sweet Wild Rose. The track is utterly breathtaking. The lyrics weave a gripping narrative filled with sudden turns. It fuses exquisitely with enchanting classical instrumentation, including the melodious strains of the violin, the distinct timbre of the accordion, and the rhythmic pulse of the bodhran. There’s not only spoken word here, but Molly Donnery’s vocals as well. Her performance encompasses both light and darkness.

The elegiac poem, stretching close to a ten-minute mark, was inspired by Jessie’s spontaneous reactions to seeing wild roses on a balmy summer’s day and conjuring images of a child’s life tragically cut short by tuberculosis. The imagery is rich with roses, riverbanks, and hawthorns, painting a vivid picture in the listener’s mind.

Although The Haar and Jessie Summerhayes are doing their own thing, they make a truly amazing combination. My Sweet Wild Rose isn’t something you listen to quickly, but rather takes time to absorb. And even if you do that, you’ll still have questions.

Check out My Sweet Wild Rose below!

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