Psychedelic Rock Newcomers Share Explosive New Single ‘Jesus (Tried To Take the Wheel But He Ended Up Insane)’

South East London-based psychedelic rock newcomers Hypnogator unleash the explosive new single ‘Jesus (Tried To Take the Wheel But He Ended Up Insane).’ A striking mix of tight distortion, modulation-soaked guitar, punching drums, and urgent vocal delivery, the track is an enigmatic display of Hypnogator’s tight, talented band, showcasing their instrumental prowess and capturing the explosive energy of their live performances.

Jazzy chord progressions and changes in tempo between each section create a captivating listening experience as the track transitions through the gears before reaching the explosive chorus, allowing the surprisingly catchy lead vocal line to shine. Ending with a virtuoso, shredding guitar solo and finally a deep, grinding, heavy drop, the band closes out the track in a fittingly intense fashion.

Speaking about the track, the band explains: “It has themes of mental health, as the main protagonist is loved despite feeling unworthy based on a deep inner ‘evil’. We recorded every part of the song in bits and bobs here and there, but this one needed a day up in Subfrantic Studios (where we rehearse and where Liam, our drummer, works) to get all the fine details worked out as a team – you can’t beat in-person group listening sessions.”

Describing their sound as a ‘cosmic swamp,’ the band’s blend of garage rock, prog, funk, and psychedelic rock offers a unique musicality with a lot to dissect. Having cut their teeth with packed shows around London, the band has set the stage for the unquestionable acclaim headed their way.

Listen below:

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