Dylan Taylor Gets Fiery On ‘Rather Watch Me Burn’

Discover Dylan Taylor’s indie-country heartbreak on ‘Rather Watch Me Burn’.

Dylan Taylor ‘Rather Watch Me Burn’

‘I don’t wanna leave, babe, but I don’t wanna stay, if it means feeling this way any longer’ opens ‘Rather Watch Me Burn’. It’s a line that captures a classic, relatable feeling towards the end of a relationship when the end is night but you just don’t want to see it. Many listeners will be familiar with the emotions portrayed on Dylan Taylor’s track. 

Dylan Taylor is a singer-songwriter with roots in Atlanta and Nashville. With a steady stream of releases under her belt, this single sees her gearing up for her next EP.

‘Rather Watch Me Burn’ is a punchy indie-country ballad, with a catchy chorus and classic themes. ‘

I love you when you’re around, but the in-between times got me losing my mind’ sing Taylor’s insistent lyrics as she realises it’s the end for her and her distant, possible abrasive lover. The chorus is memorable with its ‘Gotta be a way out, gotta be a reason, gotta be an answer, gotta be a why’ refrain, as she looks for meaning in the situation, with a nice bit of angst on the titular ‘how you gonna say you love me, when you’d rather watch me burn’ line. The melodies are well crafted and singable, led by Taylor’s assured vocals with a strong influence of folk and country twang. 

The production centres around ambient guitar picking and chugging rhythm, with steady beats and a gentle bass holding it together. An evocative guitar solo ends the track on a pleasantly low-key note. Anyone with a taste for country or Americana should listen to this one. 

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