Maya Malkin – affirmations! affirmations!

Meet Maya Malkin is a Montreal-born, Toronto-based artist who creates inventive pop music. Her newest track, affirmations! affirmations!, could top the charts. It features infectious melodies and a beat that packs a solid punch. The chorus has its own distinctive identity. It’s impossible to describe Maya’s vocal performance as anything less than outstanding.

The inspiration for affirmations! affirmations! came during a conversation between Maya and her producer/co-writer. They mused over the idea that the thin line separating “success” and “failure” often boils down to merely believing in the potential and maintaining a positive attitude. Why not adopt an “if others can do it, why can’t we?” perspective? The song playfully acknowledges and even celebrates this potential delusion, as there’s a certain enchantment found within such whimsical thinking.

Check out affirmations! affirmations! below!

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