Jewelia – Invisible Wall

In her latest offering, Invisible Wall, Jewelia artfully stirs up a diverse array of sonic influences. She seamlessly mingles the nostalgic vibes of ’80s synth-pop, the unmistakable elements of the ’90s, and the relatable lyricism characteristic of the early 2000s indie-pop crossover scene. However, don’t be quick to box her sound into any one category. While these influences undoubtedly shape the track’s signature sound, they’re used with a delightful defiance of straightforward categorization.

Invisible Wall is a nod to video games, where an ‘invisible wall’ restricts a player’s movement, despite the absence of any physical barriers. This metaphor extends to the societal norms and expectations that often confine our life paths. It also symbolizes self-imposed limitations in our thinking.

Check out Invisible Wall below!

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