Leslie Evers – Bound for Land (Album)

Acclaimed contemporary folk artist Leslie Evers releases her new album, Bound for Land. Eleven songs are featured here, representing a variety of musical approaches. Because of this, you won’t get bored at all. The entire time you’ll be keeping your ear open to hear every detail.

Pull Your Heart Away begins the album in a powerful way. It features incredible guitar work over vocals, which actually provide the overall foundation for the project. Aside from the musical elements, Leslie also prioritizes lyrics. Think about What Kind Of A Heart, for example. Thematically, it’s so profound. The songs deal with the concept of personal responsibility

My personal favorite on this album is You’ve Got That Magic, because Leslie sings it so soulfully. She describes someone who simply hypnotizes, who makes you feel good. A memorable line is, ”I don’t want you to break my spell”.

As part of this endeavor, Leslie worked with seasoned composer and bandleader Ed Johnson, whose credits include The Pointer Sisters and Tuck & Patti. Guitar legend Rick Ruskin, vocalist and banjo maestro Joe Newberry, and folk singer, songwriter, and producer Cliff Eberhardt, also lend their expertise.

Leslie’s talent should not be questioned. Bound for Land radiates so much creative energy. It almost seems perfect, and it may even be. So now you know what you need to listen to today!

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