Moonshine Heavies Share Vibrant New Single ‘F.O.M.O.’

London-based Alt-Rock quintet Moonshine Heavies are back with a dynamic and spirited new single, ‘F.O.M.O.’ Following a series of well-received debut releases in 2023, this latest offering showcases the band’s signature blend of Alt-rock fused with classic rock elements, delivering memorable melodies and an indie vibe infused with hints of prog-rock.

Recorded and produced at Lightship 95 Studios under the expertise of Giles Barrett and Dave Holmes (known for their work with acclaimed artists like Bess Attwell, Alfa Mist, Ezra Collective, and Ghostpoet), ‘F.O.M.O.’ encapsulates Moonshine Heavies’ sound with intricate guitar riffs reminiscent of bands like Free and Led Zeppelin, groovy bass lines, powerful chords, and precise drumming, all contributing to an electrifying atmosphere.

Fronted by a compelling lead vocalist whose gritty, expressive delivery adds urgency to the track, ‘F.O.M.O.’ captures the raw energy of Moonshine Heavies’ live performances while showcasing their refined songwriting skills.

In their own words, the band describes the essence of ‘F.O.M.O.’: “‘Got a fly in your ice cube? Go and get another drink!’ Sometimes life deals you a bad hand but you shouldn’t let it ruin your day. F.O.M.O. is a song about the fear of missing out, or more specifically, that emotion we all feel from time to time when it seems like everyone else is having a much better time than you are. In the online public domain, people often present an unrealistic, carefully curated, and yet largely unattainable lifestyle, but it’s simply an illusion. This song is a rallying cry to have a good time, to take pride in your own choices, and not take life too seriously.”

Having already made waves headlining prominent venues across London, including the O2 Academy Islington and Camden Assembly, Moonshine Heavies continues to solidify their position as one of the capital’s most exhilarating live rock acts. With ‘F.O.M.O.’, the band invite listeners to join them on a journey of embracing life’s moments and celebrating individuality in the face of societal pressures.

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