Five For Friday – 9th February 2024

Noah Solt – ‘Ever Been’

With his long-awaited debut album ‘Big Water’ set to arrive any day now, singer-songwriter Noah Solt continues the support for his upcoming LP with the tender new single ‘Ever Been’. Bringing back more of that warm and illustrious aesthetic he has been developing for himself, this new one will sweep you off your feet from start to finish.

Dbn Kai – ‘Ambition’

After dropping his highly-praised studio album ‘The Rebirth’ earlier this year, Baltimore-based artist Dbn Kai continues to showcase his latest full-length with the pulsing cut ‘Ambition’. Dabbling with more of that raw and driven energy he is known for, he is certainly looking to turn some heads throughout this new outing.

Rok Ali & The Addiction – ‘You Want’

After recently returning with their stunning comeback single ‘Ponder This’ near the end of last year, fast-rising outfit Rok Ali & The Addiction are back to their vibrant ways once again on the anthemic new single ‘You Want’. Bringing back more of that grizzled alt-rock sound they are known for, this new one will have you pumping your fists from beginning to end.

One Last Job – ‘Beneath The Ocean’

Having recently released his much-loved studio album ‘Been Here Ever Since’ in recent weeks, Austin-based artist One Last Job continues to showcase his newest LP with the breezy new gem ‘Beneath The Ocean’. Exploring more of that riveting acoustic-led aesthetic he is known for, this new delight marks one of the more emotive moments on his recent collection.

Jeremy Rice – ‘WWIII’

Having already garnered plenty of love and praise for his recent releases, progressive artist Jeremy Rice is now looking to get us dancing for the end of the world on ‘WWIII’. Coupling a bright and jovial appeal with a darker subject matter at its heart, this new effort is another shining example of his dynamic nature of late.

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