Hothead Wave – Here

Lizzy Cruz, a.k.a Hothead Wave, shares her new single, Here. It pays homage to the alluring charm of 90s and early 00s rock music, recalling iconic acts like The Pixies. Throughout, you’ll be listening to breathtaking guitar riffs that take unexpected turns. The dynamic drums elevate the energy and maintain a gritty feel. The vocals contrast notable with the instrumental accompaniment.

In Here, Hothead Wave explores the complexities of a relationship in which the other feels invisible and unheard. She consciously crafted this song to exude an upbeat and commanding tone, deviating from the melancholy and slow. The rhetorical question, “Can I be here…?!” emphasizes the longing for acknowledgement and validation.

Hothead Wave wears her heart on her sleeve, and Here oozes authenticity through its heartfelt lyrics. Musically, it rises above expectations.

Check out Here below!

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