News: Bonneville Share New Single ‘Beautiful One’

Bonneville release the new single ‘Beautiful One,’ taken from their highly anticipated second album, ‘Flying Machine.’ Departing from their familiar retro-soul style, Bonneville ventures into uncharted territory with ‘Beautiful One,’ seamlessly blending deep funk, house, post-disco, and acid jazz in with the soul sound which fans have come to know and love.

The track serves as a tongue-in-cheek societal observation about the club scene and selfie culture, offering a poignant message about the pitfalls of self-obsession in today’s digital age. Co-songwriter Jeff Hayashi explains, “This is our take on a club track. It’s a banger, a head-bopper, and an all-around party jam, but upon closer inspection has a deep message of introspection and outward observation.”

Drawing inspiration from prevailing cultural trends and personal experiences, ‘Beautiful One’ sheds light on the epidemic of self-obsession and the “pick me culture” prevalent in dating and society. Co-songwriter Wes McGee reflects, “Often, real connections are missed due to the epidemic of self-obsession where people would rather take a picture of themselves than actually live in the moment… This song is a call-to-arms about the negative behaviors men and women exhibit while dating and not really looking for what’s more meaningful.”

In the studio, the band collaborated with acclaimed producer Starita to craft the unique sound of ‘Beautiful One,’ blending electronic elements with live instrumentation to push the boundaries of the Bonneville sound. Starita remarks, “The songwriting and production is steering toward a more modern sound while still preserving the classic soul and funk Bonneville is known for.”

With ‘Beautiful One,’ Bonneville invites listeners to groove along to the infectious beat while pondering the deeper societal themes embedded within the lyrics. As the band continues to evolve their sound, each release brings a slightly different iteration of the band’s soul tendencies. With their second album on the horizon, Bonneville are surely set to cement themselves as one of the most exciting new soul artists.

Listen below:

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