Surfing For Daisy has a New Epic Love Song

You must hear the new Surfing For Daisy song! “Flannel” is immediately captivating because of the beautifully picked acoustic guitar on the songs’ introduction. The vocals come in shortly after the guitar has spent some good time, and vocally, this song does not disappoint at all. It’s completely captivating in tone and style. Flannel is a romantic ballad, with love seeping into the recording and out through the speakers. There is a passion in the lead singer’s voice that cannot be faked. The song picks up from a ballad into an indie rock banger. We hear heavy drums and a more intense vocal delivery to pump up the energy. This change in pacing and feeling showcases the singer’s versatility and talent.

“It’s the embracement of youth and the challenge of young love.” – Surfing For Daisy on Flannel

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