Viatr Delve Deep With New EP Memory Interior

Delving into the depths of the human psyche, Viatr unveils their inaugural EP ‘Memory Interior’.

Viatr – Memory Interior

London’s avant-garde quartet, Viatr, ventures into the experimental music realm with their latest EP, a captivating journey across a spectrum of genres. Following the success of their well-received singles, Queue The Dreams and Smiles, For Now, the art-rock ensemble presents their thematic masterpiece, ‘Memory Interior.’

This debut work seamlessly weaves together elements of jazz, post-punk, and art rock, exploring profound themes such as human psychology, inner fears, and traumas. The EP delves into the realms of dissociation, the quest for purpose, and mental defence mechanisms, drawing a metaphorical parallel between the human mind and a house—a concept vividly portrayed not only in the eclectic soundtrack but also in the stunning artwork.

Embarking on the exploration of complex themes, the opening track, Push & Pull, evokes a sense of melancholy with poignant guitar chords and the heart-wrenching vocals of lead singer Diana. The chorus introduces haunting background vocals, amplifying feelings of isolation and emptiness.

Continuing in a similar vein, the self-titled track, Memory Interior, maintains the gloomy ambience while embracing a soothing quality with a heavenly charm. The chaotic conclusion perfectly encapsulates the EP’s central ideology, delving into the intricacies of psychology and the human mind.

In a surprising twist, Smiles, For Now, the second single, takes a different route with jazzy-inspired rhythms and increased pacing. Despite its vibrant arrangements, the composition maintains a nostalgic mood, culminating in a frenzied finale that underscores the band’s musical prowess.

The track that kick-started their journey, Queue The Dreams, unfolds with dynamic tempo changes, transitioning from sorrowful verses to a faster post-punk anthem. This chapter stands out as an absorbing representation of dissociation through daydreaming within a surreal sonic landscape.

Closing the EP, Ballad of Beemster Lake amplifies the poignancy, exploring doubt and damnation through versatile arrangements. The song takes an unexpected turn halfway through, exchanging fast-paced instrumentals for a chill and dreamy performance that fades away like memories in the vastness of the mind.

‘”Memory Interior stands as a meticulously crafted and engaging EP.”

For those eager to experience this gem in its entirety, mark your calendars for February 27th at Paper Dress Vintage in London. Viatr’s debut EP promises a surreal blend of top-notch musicianship and thought-provoking surrealism—an unmissable journey into the recesses of the mind.

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