goodkitty Sings Stories of Self Growth and a Queer Crush on Incredible Debut EP

goodkitty has just released her debut EP, Picture Albums! goodkitty is the moniker of Chicago-based singer-songwriter Katie Colt. The EP doesn’t shy away from raw emotion and personal stories. goodkitty sings her heart out to themes of a queer romantic crush, discarding toxicity, and self reflection and growth. Rock the Pigeon is proud to break down the EP, song by song.

The album starts with the song “Red.” We immediately are catapulted into an emotional soundscape. This love song borders on heartbreak, with lyrics about feeling the push and pull of a relationship that is back and forth. goodkitty sings, “You are the number I took out of my phone / But I still know by heart / I wish these thoughts would just leave me alone / Cuz it’s harder to stop than it is to start.” This song packs an Americana punch with its instrumentation and vocal style. Vocally, the chorus is quite the earworm!

Distorted guitars bring introduce a new element to the record. The fuzzy guitars serve as an in-your-face introduction to “Better.” The guitars remain the centerpiece of this track, giving the song a grungy edge. goodkitty sings on the song’s bridge, “You fill yourself with all the lies you need to get by / It takes everything to push the nothing down” before the song has a breakdown section that centers piano and vocals. This song is all about self-reflection and self-growth. It’s about leaving behind toxicity and going toward a future that feels more healthy.

“Sabrina” starts off with heavy synths and strong drums, quickly captivating the listeners’ attention. This song can fit in with early 2000s pop rock anthems with its catchy chorus lines and incredible instrumentation. “The tap is still on and all the water’s on the floor / You give me an inch and all I can think of is / A million miles more… You tell me people fall in love with you every day.” goodkitty sings about her queer crush, Sabrina, honestly throughout the song, showcase a sense of yearning and excitement. The song is made complete with an electric guitar solo.

“In so many ways, music has been my therapy. But what I hope people get from this is that it makes them feel better about their internal lives. Sometimes it can feel so hard to get going, to move on, to assess things with clarity. But we’ve all been there, and we’re all capable of moving forward on our own timelines.” – Katie Colt, goodkitty 

The pace slows down a bit for “Memory Lane” and after the high energy tracks, this is a great time for a ballad. goodkitty delivers an impressive vocal delivery that shows off her range and how dynamic she is as a singer. The song features some experimental vocal melodies that are lifted by the use of synthscapes and electronic drums. The heavy bass adds another layer of depth to the record as well. Some of the song’s standout lyrics go:  “I’m going to keep you (and you, and you, and you) / On pages ’til they all grow stale / Making a home in an attic alone / No more, no more trips down Memory Lane.”

A gorgeous piano kicks off “Ready to Grow.” This song is an even greater ballad than the previous track. goodkitty is admitting her faults while confessing her love. She sings about the toxicity of her relationship, hoping that things can go back to the way they once were, but knowing it is time to move on. The relationship feels stagnant and toxic, and personal growth feels impossible until the relationship has concluded. “I thought you would thaw / But now I’m the one made of ice / It doesn’t feel nice to be this way to you.” 

The last song on the EP is “Holding On To You.” We hear a moving bass line and electronic drums before the stellar vocal comes in. The romantic lyrics match the tone of the synths and the vocal delivery. We hear a sense of hope, romance, and excitement. There is also a sense of confidence coming across the track. She sings: “We’ll have love if we want it / Freedom we’ve got it / Good things we’ll fall into / I’m holding on to you.”

Listen to PICTURE ALBUMS by GOODKITTY on Spotify now:

written by Ryan Cassata


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