Ethan Cronin & Fungai Show Us A ‘Mind Painted By Picasso’

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Songwriter Fungai and singer-songwriter-producer Ethan Cronin join forces to present a heavenly, avant-garde, acoustic pop track.

Ethan Cronin & Fungai – Mind Painted By Picasso

A songwriter with almost two decades of creativity in his back pocket, Fungai is a Manchester-based lyricist who seeks the strongest talent to bring his music visions to life. “Mind Painted by Picasso” sees his writing paired with the vocal and production talent of Ethan Cronin, who is based in The Cotswolds, and has contributed vocals to various recordings for Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Chappell and more.

Inspired by artists such as Lana Del Ray, Gotye and Saincho Namtchylak, who inspired the song’s “Asian oriental” quality, the song is a punchy but stripped-back track that compliments both artists’ strengths at work. Cronin’s vocals, which host quite a gritty strength, deliver Fungai’s introspective songwriting with a hard-hitting impact to contrast the spacey production. Combining reverb-soaked instrumentation with layers of atmospheres, listeners’ minds will indeed feel painted by Picasso as they navigate multiple worlds of colour and emotion. Listen after listen, I feel compelled to applaud the two artists’ ability to craft a pop-driven track that is somehow hollow yet incredibly dense in feeling at the same time…

A song that explores the concept of mental beauty, Cronin and Fungai couldn’t have dived into this theme more richly. The song’s protagonist laments the loss of a special friend who “had a beautiful mind that they were addicted to”, and this complexity is perfectly expressed through the single’s enigmatic character. The single captures the darkness, obsession, admiration and reverence of the outward perspective, and we are left having a better understanding of such a complex theme.

“Mind Painted by Picasso is a fascinating track inside and out, and I have never been more hopeful to see two creatives combine their talent to bring us another track.”

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Words by Rhí McPhelim

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