British singer-songwriter Lilise shares debut EP

Lilise is a rising singer-songwriter hailing from Greater London who just unveiled her debut EP. Despite her young age, she showcases a maturity beyond her years as she delves into themes of gender inequality, female body image, and self-worth. Her EP, characterized by folk-laced DIY pop, offers listeners a raw and introspective journey through 5 tracks.

Lilise has recorded the EP while still studying for her A-Levels and working towards studying clinical psychology at university. The singer has an unwavering commitment to her artistic vision, boldly standing out in her ballgown and Doc Martens, and has the ambition to make it as a songwriter and performer.

Lilise writes her music on piano and guitar, but as a grade-8 vocal student it’s her voice that’s her real gift, which has an ethereal quality that has drawn comparisons with Billie Eilish. She writes emotionally charged lyrics and songs that talk to her audience on a personal level and are easily relatable for listeners of a similar age.

Lilise’s debut EP is a great example of the power of music to provoke thought and evoke emotion. Through her music, Lilise fearlessly confronts societal norms and personal struggles, offering a voice to those who may feel unheard. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift, Sara Kays and Maisie Peters, Lilise manages to infuse her own sounds to create unique tracks.

With ambition and conviction to make it on her terms, with her songs and her voice, Lilise is now ready to share her debut EP with the world. Her raw honesty and vulnerability are sure to resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

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