Delilah Brao – Seats For Ghosts

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Delilah Brao is the kind of girl who is hard to figure out. She shares her new single, Seats For Ghosts. It has cool indie synth pop vibes that emanate an irresistibly catchy energy. The vocals act as the guiding force, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the musical experience.

Seats For Ghosts explores the haunting memories of a past relationship. The song takes inspiration from a poignant event in Delilah Brao’s life, where her mother purchased antique college chairs as a Christmas gift for her ex-partner, unaware of the impending breakup. As fate would have it, the relationship ended before the gift could be given, leaving the chairs in Brao’s basement. These chairs symbolize the ghostly presence of the past relationship, triggering reflections on the shared memories and the potential future that could have unfolded had things worked out differently.

Brao continues to hold the throne. She’s inspirational in the way she expresses her thoughts and turns them into art. Check out Seats For Ghosts below!

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