Hannah Hughes Shares Infectious New Single ‘Tonite’

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Hannah Hughes is a talented guitarist and vocalist, hailing from Los Angeles, and has recently unveiled her latest single, ‘Tonite’. Best known for her work with the band Julez and The Rollerz, ‘Tonite’ marks her first release since her debut album, ‘Simi’, which came out in 2021. 

Hannah Hughes – Tonite

With a perfect mix of sentimental charm, upbeat guitar riffs, and an irresistible chorus, ‘Tonite’ is guaranteed to linger in the minds of its listeners. The track boasts a masterful use of its instrumental, allowing Hannah Hughes’ guitar work to take centre stage and providing a sense of familiarity and comfort that will resonate with fans of Hughes’ previous work. 

‘Tonite’’s chorus is what really shines, it is exceptionally well-crafted and holds a distinctive melody which is both memorable and catchy. Upbeat and lively, it is a track that will grab the attention of new and existing listeners, who will find themselves singing along in no time.

“Tonite’s overall composition is impressive, with its chorus being undoubtedly one of its key highlights that sets it apart from Hannah’s other releases.”

Hannah Hughes’ passion for music began as early as 8 years old when she picked up a trumpet for the first time. Since then, she has dedicated most of her life to writing and performing music. Learning other instruments such as the guitar, drums, and bass, has morphed Hughes into the artist she is today. This dedication to her craft is evident throughout ‘Tonite’, showcasing her mastery and maturity as a musician. 

‘Tonite’ feels like the perfect track to propel Hannah Hughes into the international spotlight, with its well-crafted, bright, and uplifting melody. The track holds a certain charm that will leave listeners yearning for warm summer days and the excitement of the festival season. With its catchy hooks and infectious beat, ‘Tonite’ is a song that should be on your playlist. 

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