Hannah Lou Woods Reaches For Love On ‘Fallen From The Stars’

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Discover Hannah Lou Wood’s delicate piano ballad ‘Fallen From The Stars’.

Hannah Lou Woods – ‘Fallen From The Stars’

I don’t think an old-school, sincere love song will ever go out of fashion. Though love takes many shades and emotions, we all like to be reminded sometimes of the pure, ecstatic feeling of falling in love. It’s this hopeful happiness that Hannah Lou Woods taps into on ‘Fallen From The Stars’ – which is just as well, as she wrote this song for her husband and ended up using it as their wedding dance!

Hannah Lou Woods is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Minnesota. As well as training in music therapy, she has received multiple awards and notices for her songwriting. This track marks the first single from her upcoming EP ‘Meet Me At The Pine Tree’.

‘Fallen From The Stars’ is an unashamedly romantic piano ballad, with an ethereal and delicate tone.

The lyrics are classic, invoking the fears and release of letting yourself fall for someone, with lines like ‘Let me let go of everything I should do’ and ‘it’s hard to me to believe in love’, with the euphoric and memorable chorus singing ‘You’ve fallen from the stars, I’m lost in your light’. The melodies are soaring, delivered in Woods’ distinctive vocals, whispery and ethereal. 

The production is simple but lush, with evocative piano lines and a warm cello. There are some echoing harmonies, but this is a track that is unafraid to be simple and delicate. The music video is sweet, featuring real footage from Woods’ wedding alongside her walking in a glowing forest and performing at the piano. Fans of artists like Sara Bareilles and Christina Perri will find something to enjoy here. 

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