Marlee Releases Relatable New Single, ‘Salieri’. 

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A self-proclaimed ‘cartoon character’ hailing from South London, Marlee has recently shared her latest single, ‘Salieri’. The latest addition to a series of impressive singles, and her first material in 2024, ‘Salieri’ is both relatable and honest, touching on the complexities of the human experience in the digital age. 

Marlee – Salieri

In particular, the song speaks to the emotions felt after spending hours scrolling social media, a never-ending cycle of information that can leave one feeling both disenchanted and disconnected.

Throughout ‘Salieri’, Marlee proves to be tuned in to societal issues, reflecting on the times that we live in with a reminder to stay true to yourself in the face of overwhelming pressure to conform to societal norms.

Exhibiting a unique and distinct sound that sets it apart from her previous works, ‘Salieri’ is characterised by its theatrical delivery and message, which draws inspiration from the acclaimed film ‘Amadeus’, based on the celebrated play by Peter Shaffer. Marlee’s powerful vocal performance in the track is reminiscent of the likes of Self Esteem and Jessie Ware, oozing with confidence and conviction. 

Despite having only been releasing solo music for four years, ‘Salieri’ exudes a level of polish and finesse that belies Marlee’s relative newcomer status. Its energy is infectious, with a danceable beat that manages to strike that elusive balance between raw, unbridled emotion and impeccably refined production values. It’s a testament to Marlee’s talent and dedication, and a clear indication that she is an artist who is here to stay.

‘Salieri’ is a delightful listen that beautifully blends the realms of fantasy and reality. Marlee’s artistic development shines throughout, as she skillfully weaves a relatable narrative through clear and humorous lyrics. Capturing a perfect balance between light-heartedness and depth, Marlee has crafted a truly unique and captivating listen that certainly leaves a lasting impression.

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