Emanuela Shares The Joyous ‘Boy Like You’

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Emanuela, a burgeoning talent from Sicily, Italy, shares her undeniable prowess with the world through her latest track, Boy Like You, a compelling follow-up to her debut album.

Emanuela – Boy Like You

Having immersed herself in the realm of music from a tender age, Emanuela’s journey has been one of dedication and growth. With a solid foundation built over ten years of training in gospel, jazz, and classical music at the prestigious Teatro Massimo of Palermo, she embarked on a transformative venture to London in 2020. Here, she sought to refine her songwriting skills and draw inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of the British music scene.

In 2022, Emanuela unveiled her debut album, Late Night Thoughts (1 a.m.). Continuously evolving and honing her craft, she’s currently studying at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

With her latest release, Boy Like You, Emanuela skillfully narrates a tale of disillusionment, unravelling the facade of appearances to reveal the true intentions beneath. Set against a backdrop of infectious pop melodies infused with subtle nuances of funk and reggae, the track captivates listeners with its irresistible charm and emotive resonance.

Beyond its candid lyricism, Boy Like You boasts impeccable production characterized by its catchy hooks, buoyant basslines, and uplifting rhythms—a sonic fusion that magnifies Emanuela’s commanding vocals, crafting an experience both universally relatable and undeniably memorable.

“With its charm and empowering lyrics, Boy Like You stands as a superbly crafted pop gem.”

As Emanuela unveils her latest offering, she solidifies her status as an artist of immense promise. With the anticipation of more music and captivating visuals on the horizon, she continues to affirm that her years of dedication and learning have led to a blossoming career.

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