Bryce Bowyn Speaks on Latest EP “Divine Chemistry” and More!

Bryce Bowyn has a chat with us about his latest EP that was just released titled “Divine Chemistry” and more, check it out!

Cover Art for Divine Chemistry

Bryce Bowyn is no stranger to releasing pop songs that have a knack for getting stuck in your head. His latest EP “Divine Chemistry” is no different, with five tracks showcasing versatility in his vocal delivery and lyricism across different instrumental styles. He serves up quite a vibe on each track, giving us as listeners something to relate to along the way. This five-song collection is a testament to Bowyn’s musical evolution over the years and captivates audiences with its electrifying range of themes and genres.

Leading the EP is the brand-new single, “Saint Sebastian,” a glistening synth-pop anthem inspired by Renaissance art and the pain of unrequited, queer love. This track is poised to be the heartbeat of “Divine Chemistry,” showcasing Bowyn’s talent for crafting infectious, anthemic pop music. After I listened to this song, I was enamored by the presence Bryce delivered on this song from the very first moments his voice came onto the track. By the time we got to the chorus, I knew I would be hooked! This is such a powerful lead to the rest of the EP that follows.

“Divine Chemistry” also features a stellar lineup of previously released tracks, including the fiery, adrenaline-filled stomper “A Bridge Burned Down,” which I previously covered last year, the dynamic collaboration “Town” featuring the vocal prowess of Lexie Martin, a track that’s so catchy and fun that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since it came out, and the haunting “Devils of Dupont,” the theme song to the noir podcast Dupont Investigations.

Completing this collection is the new addition, “If Only.” Under the guidance of producer FHUR, Bowyn ventures into uncharted sonic territories, exploring electronic soundscapes and pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression. This feels like such a perfect song to close the EP, delivering an ethereal soundscape that builds and carries us through a sonic soundscape that’s unmatched to Bowyn’s discography thus far. Through and through, I thoroughly enjoyed this EP, and I can guarantee that anyone who loves pop music will too!

I had the chance to catch up with Bryce Bowyn on the release of “Divine Chemistry,” check that out below!

Bryce Quartz: Hey Bryce, thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! How does it feel to finally have your EP “Divine Chemistry” out now for the world to hear?

Bryce Bowyn: Howdy Bryce! I worked on Divine Chemistry for over a year so to have the songs out there and hear people enjoying them is one of the best feelings.

Bryce Quartz: This EP is truly a work of art from start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it, but let me first ask you about the title of the EP and the cover art. How did you come up with the concept for the cover art and the EP’s title?

Bryce Bowyn: The connective tissue binding all the songs in this project is the concept of lost love, whether it manifests between friends, lovers, or even within oneself. For me, love remains an enigmatic force, a divine chemistry that eludes explanation.

The artwork comes from the track “Saint Sebastian”, who was a martyr. Historical portrayals often depict him as this handsome young man, usually naked and tied to a column or tree. It shouldn’t be surprising the queer community was drawn to this imagery. Sebastian is a symbol of strength and resilience and I wanted to do my own take of what that could look like. We transported the setting to Mars and crafted an angelic, evocative, and otherworldly reinterpretation of this iconic legend.

Bryce Quartz: The first track off this EP is beautifully executed between the instrumental and the vocals. It feels a bit somber, reflective, but also energetic and exciting too. What is the story behind the lyrics to this track, and how did you go about creating it?

Bryce Bowyn: Since there are so many renderings and versions of Saint Sebastian, I wanted the song to focus on the artwork rather than Sebastian himself. It’s about an artist painting an iteration of Saint Sebastian. I’m singing from the perspective of the model who is sitting for the portrait. I’m in love with the artist, but know my time as his muse is fleeting and soon he’ll be moving onto someone new. The artist is creating this beautiful work of art in my image, but he’s not really seeing me.

At its core, it’s a song about unrequited love which I’m sure we can all relate to in some way.

Bryce Quartz: I spoke to you last June about the lead single off this EP titled “A Bridge Burned Down” and you spilled some tea about who the song is about. Did the person you wrote this about end up hearing about the track? Any updates on the tea?

Bryce Bowyn: I sure hope so! I ended up performing several big gigs in that person’s neck of the woods. They for sure at least saw my face around the neighborhood.

Bryce Quartz: The third track on this EP was released last November and also happens to be the theme song for Nocturne Hall’s “Dupont Investigations” podcast, which is super cool because it’s such a haunting and beautiful track. How did you come up with the creation of this track and land it being the theme song for “Dupont Investigations”?

Bryce Bowyn: Thank you for the kind words. I’m a co-creator of the podcast and wrote “Devils of Dupont” specifically for the show. Lyrically, it follows a romantic storyline between two of the characters so I got to jump into their minds which was super fun and super new for me.

The show is set in the 1930s and Marc Langston, who is also the co-creator, writer, and star of “Dupont Investigations”, initially wanted it to sound period specific. I knew I wanted the song on my EP and also knew my skill set. A jazzy big band number was just not in the cards. Instead, we went for a Moulin Rouge kind of moment where the music is anachronistic and more about creating the right mood rather than being 100% accurate to the time.

Alyssa Wilkens produced this one and the vibe was perfect. It’s a spooky, haunting ballad but still full of hooks. I love it.

Bryce Quartz: The fourth track on the EP features Lexie Martin and really picks up the energy again on the project. You and Lexie sound so amazing together that it gives “Divine Chemistry” a whole new meaning! How did you go about having this song produced and written, and what was it like working with Lexie?

Bryce Bowyn: I love working with Lexie. We go way back to our college days. The song is about a DC nightclub called Town. It was the best damn gay club that ever was. It’s unfortunately closed now.

Lexie and I would spend pretty much every weekend there, doing shots and making out with boys. We wanted to create a song that honored that time in our lives. We pulled sounds from the late 2000s and early 2010s. All those big poppy dance tracks. POSSESSIVE produced it and really did an amazing job embodying the past while also making it current. It’s so much fun to perform live – it’s a party.

Bryce Quartz: The final track on the EP titled “If Only” feels like such a perfect closer for the project. It’s introspective lyrically and while starting off a bit slowly paced, it picks that up when we get to the chorus. It’s truly an eloquently executed track. Can you tell me a little bit about the creation of this track and why you chose it as the closer for the EP?

Bryce Bowyn: I worked with an artist named FHUR on this one. I told her I wanted to close out the EP with a big electronic moment that had a lot of charging momentum. She nailed it completely.

I’ve grappled with social anxiety and self-doubt, particularly in my youth. It’s easier to overcome these days, but still a struggle. A pivotal part of my life revolves around living without regrets, and that’s the essence of “If Only.” In this track, I’m singing to myself, silencing self-doubts and regrets, and insisting on living fully in the present.

It serves as a perfect finale, ending on a jubilant note and casting an optimistic gaze toward the future. The deliberate vocal distortions at the end signifies the absence of any lingering “If Onlys.”

Bryce Quartz: If someone is new to Bryce Bowyn and you could only recommend 3 songs from this EP for them to listen to, what would they be and why?

Bryce Bowyn: Well, since it’s only a five track EP, you better listen to the whole thing! But if I had to pick, my favorites are A Bridge Burned Down, Devils of Dupont, and Saint Sebastian. You get a taste of where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going with those tracks.

Bryce Quartz: If there’s one thing you want listeners to take away from listening to this album overall, what would it be and why?

Bryce Bowyn: Divine Chemistry is five different sonic realms – each with its own story and world. I hope my listeners dance, party, creep, and thrive to all the different sounds on this project.

Bryce Quartz: Are there any upcoming shows you have coming up?

Bryce Bowyn: I’m going to hit the road again this summer playing Pride Festivals all over the east coast. Keep your eyes peeled, my friends.

Bryce Quartz: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today, name twin!

Be sure to check out Bryce Bowyn’s latest EP titled “Divine Chemistry” on all platforms now, and give him a follow on social media below!

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