Stefski & Hutch Release Provocative New Rock Anthem “Selling Lies”

For Stefski & Hutch, the musical duo hailing from Paris and Warsaw, their latest single, “Selling Lies”, serves as a rallying cry against the tide of misinformation and confusion plaguing society. With a blend of alternative rock and psychedelic influences, Stefski & Hutch are on a mission to provoke thought and challenge the status quo.

“Selling Lies” emerged from a place of introspection and reflection, as songwriter Stefski found himself grappling with the deluge of media narratives and expert opinions inundating modern discourse. As he explains, “Selling Lies is a song that came very fast… probably because it summed many reflections I had about media, opinions, experts… these last years.” The track marks a departure from the duo’s earlier songwriting approach, delving into more experiential and narrative-driven themes.

The essence of “Selling Lies” lies in its ability to captivate and challenge listeners. With a heavy riff, grungy verses, and a britpop-infused chorus, the song pushes boundaries. It’s a call to arms for individuals to think critically and question the narratives presented to them, reminding us all that freedom comes with the responsibility to discern truth from falsehood.

Reflecting on the track, Stefski & Hutch share, “‘Selling Lies’ perfectly encapsulates our musical style, from rock with diverse influences—here, a heavy riff, a grungy verse, and a britpop-infused chorus that transports the listener elsewhere.”

Founded in 2016, Stefski & Hutch have been honing their craft and refining their sound over the years. With a new album on the horizon, set to release in April, the duo is poised to showcase the full spectrum of their musical prowess. From indie to grunge, classic rock to metal, and everything in between, Stefski & Hutch promise a sonic journey that defies categorization and invites listeners to explore new horizons.

The release of “Selling Lies” is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for Stefski & Hutch. With a music video slated for release in March and two more singles to follow, fans can expect a steady stream of electrifying tracks leading up to the album release on April 26th.

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