Origami Tsunami Explore The Surreal On ‘I Dreamt That I Was Only Dreaming’

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Discover Origami Tsunami’s psychedelic realm with ‘I Dreamt That I Was Only Dreaming’.

Origami Tsunami – I Dreamt That I Was Only Dreaming

Origami Tsunami, return with their latest release, I Dreamt That I Was Only Dreaming, In the realm of indie music, Origami Tsunami have carved a distinct niche with their eclectic blend of alternative genres, earning accolades from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6 with Tom Robinson. Described as “Salford virtuosos” with “jaw-dropping musicianship,” the band’s reputation precedes them.

While previously known for their exhilarating math rock sound, showcased in tracks like Life Hack and Melody Sings, Origami Tsunami ventures into new psychedelic territory with I Dreamt That I Was Only Dreaming. Despite this departure, the band’s signature virtuosity remains intact, weaving intricate guitar riffs and complex rhythmic patterns into their sonic tapestry.

Inspired by lead singer John’s surreal dream experience during illness, the song unfolds like a dream within a dream, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. With ethereal vocals and extended guitar passages, Origami Tsunami captures the dreamlike essence of the lyrics while retaining the chaotic nature of math rock.

The vocals skillfully evoke the dreamy ambience of the lyrics with a traditional echoed effect reminiscent of classic psychedelic rock, accompanied by extended guitar passages. Despite these atmospheric elements, the rhythmic structure maintains the band’s signature chaotic energy inherent in math rock, establishing a captivating interplay between contrasting patterns that holds the listener’s attention throughout the song.

“I Dreamt That I Was Only Dreaming is a captivating blend of complexity and allure.”

Catch Origami Tsunami live on February 24th at the Old Pint Pot in Salford for an unforgettable experience.

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