Talker Finds It Impossible to Be “Easygoing”

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In advance of her debut album, L.A. artist talker (Celeste Tauchar) has a new single called “Easygoing.”

The song is an exploration of how her personality-type (earnest and all-in) has been a detriment in her relationships. The blood-soaked video for the song captures her anger and anguish when a five-year relationship ends. We can only surmise that the lover who left was the exact opposite: probably too chill, averse to commitment, etc.

Obviously, talker isn’t about to go into a crimson Carrie rage in real life, but the video captures the depth of the hurt she’s experiencing.

That takes real courage to communicate.

In the past, talker has been almost apologetic about her passionate personality. On social media, she once described herself as “insufferably earnest.” But now she’s fully ready to own that side of herself.

Says talker: “I tried for so long to fit myself into the comfort zones of other people, to make dynamics work that maybe just weren’t for me. People-pleasing and not asking for what I needed. I wish I could say this song was written from a place of ‘I don’t care what you think of me’ but in reality it came from a really insecure place, where I felt like because I actually, you know, have needs, I was destined to push people away and be too much.”

Earnestness is a quality sorely lacking in today’s world. We need to celebrate it, not stuff it.

Case in point: Taylor Swift. I doubt that Ms. Swift has ever uttered the words, “Yeah, whatever.” She explores every bump and nuance in each relationship with total earnestness – and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Her song “cardigan” is about as earnest as it gets…and I can name dozens of other examples. talker makes music like that.

I urge you to listen to “Easygoing” before feasting on the Brian DePalma imagery in the video. It’s a fabulously crafted song that even Tay-Tay would have been proud to pen. Co-written with Jake Finch and Collin Pastore (boygenius, Lucy Dacus, illuminati hotties), the soaring chorus is one of the best of this entire decade. And there’s a beautiful wisp of a bridge that adds just the right touch.

Maybe talker will find a fire-on-fire relationship, like Travis Kelce and Taylor. That would undoubtedly be the inspiration for many unforgettable songs on Album Two.

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