Kaspa Doesn’t Hold Back From Sharing His Truth On “Beautiful Chaos”

Kaspa is out with a brand-new album titled “Beautiful Chaos.” This epic album is 11 tracks long, and contains an hour and a half of hip hop.

We land step into the creative word of Kaspa in “The Foreshadowing.” This slow build sets the stage for the rest of the record, giving fans an easy sound ot dive in with before the intensity of the record builds. By the sound of the beat and the piano, we know something epic is about to unfold. That is…”Beautiful Chaos.” The slow build continues for the introduction of this song. Kaspa builds on the sounds from “The Foreshadowing.” Every second counts here. At the 40-second mark, Kaspa’s rap vocal comes in. It is filled with intensity and emotion. “I know I can make it, there’s always hope.” Kaspa raps honestly about the ups and downs of life. His rap flow is quick, demanding the listeners’ attention, “constantly searching for purpose.” He raps the meaning of the record, over and over, “my life is beautiful chaos.”

The school bell rings, and we are transported back in time to Kaspa’s troubled youth on “Apply Yourself.” He apologizes to his mother for his past actions, from being high in school, to missing classes, to eventually getting kicked out of school. Despite having a brilliant mind and being able to ace any test, he has struggled to apply himself in school. The education system clearly wasn’t set up for people like him. This song stands out from other songs about similar topics because Kaspa interjects phrases from his teachers and from his school principal throughout the track. It’s a unique track with a layer of dark emotion throughout it. It is definitely a favorite on the record.

“Go Back” picks up the pace a bit. The synth line serves as a catchy hook line as Kaspa rap quickly above it. Kaspa sings about wishing he could go back in time. This song has a clever rap flow that is extremely captivating. This song transitions into “Self Entitled.” Listeners will hear more of a classic sounding hip hop beat. We hear more about Kaspa’s youth on this song, including some of the hard times that led to lessons learned, “there was a lesson to be learned concerning character traits,…I was blind, I didn’t catch it at first.” Kaspa sings about coming of age, understanding responsibility and learning how to handle it properly. He looks back on his youth with pride, knowing that he built a future for himself on his own, by working very hard.

The old school hip hop beats continue on “Choices.” This song features a piano riff, a moving violin, and a strong rap flow. We hear more life lessons coming through on the track. Kaspa knows how to preach the truth and inspire others. “Head in a Box” follows the mood of “Choices” quite well. We hear more excellent advice from Kaspa, this time about social media and its chokehold on society. Kaspa doesn’t shy away from speaking on the damages and horrors of social medias impact on the people. He raps important lines throughout the track. Some of Rock the Pigeon’s favorites are: “Controlling your attitude with an algorithm.” and “You can’t truly be yourself until you log out.” 

“Welcome to the Show” is a great introduction to the style and meaning of Kaspa’s lyrics and sound. Kaspa is a conscious rapper that sings his feelings without holding back. He isn’t worried about being liked or disliked. This song shows his true colors. “Why;Try” featuring Lee Wilson continues on with the theme and stands as another important song. The additional sung vocals by Lee Wilson add another layer of creativity to the record and enhance the soundscape overall.

Pianos kick off “Memory Lane.” Kaspa reflects on his childhood again throughout this song. He talks about his family trauma throughout the song. He questions his father’s actions and feelings. “People ask me things about you, and I have to pretend.” Kaspa ends this song knowing that he has to focus on his own mental health to move forward. Another important life lesson…

“This album means so much to me. I was determined to make a true conceptual artistic project. Though I did track out all the songs for digital releasing purposes, the last track is the complete album from start to finish. The songs blend seamlessly together with no gaps. Playing like a movie, as it’s supposed to be consumed.”  – Kaspa

More info: https://www.facebook.com/kaspahiphop/

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