Louisa Rowley Sways Into ‘A Peaceful Retirement’

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Discover Louisa Rowley’s classic blues waltz with a modern theme.

Louisa Rowley – ‘A Peaceful Retirement’

‘Barely out of the crib, a young feeling 22, but I feel so much older…’ opens ‘A Peaceful Retirement’ by Louisa Rowley. Though 22 is hardly over the hill, it does capture the fears and uncertainties of your early 20s, when you’re suddenly in an adult world despite being treated as a child only yesterday.

Louisa Rowley is a singer-songwriter from South-East England. With a couple of singles already under her belt, she’s now working towards her debut EP.

‘A Peaceful Retirement’ is a nostalgic, doo-wop-blues waltz with dreamy vibes yet modern themes.

Some serious mental health subject matter is touched upon in the bluntly honest lyrics, with lines like ‘I’m scared to be alone in the dark with only my intrusive thoughts’ – inspired by Rowley’s own experiences. The chorus is darkly optimistic, stating ‘Now I won’t wish for death, just a peaceful retirement will do’. Keener listeners may be compelled by the lyrics, but it’s also easy to just let the swaying, nostalgic melodies wash over you, with Rowley’s assured, richly-toned vocals. 

The production pleasingly features a twanging ukelele, as well as retro-style horns. Gentle percussion layers under some dreamy synth arpeggios and warm backing harmonies, balancing old and new. There are some unexpected modulations in the harmony which keeps it fresh, and overall the effect is something highly familiar, yet with a modern twist. Fans of the likes of Elvis, Irma Thomas and Dionne Warwick, as well as more modern acts like Amy Winehouse and Stephen Sanchez, will find something to enjoy here. 

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