EVALINA – Rough Patch

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EVALINA, a South London BRIT school alumnus and emerging pop sensation, quickly rose to prominence after being discovered by the renowned production duo, Laconic. Her latest single, Rough Patch, features brisk electronic pop components that maintain a cohesive sound. The vocals exist in their own unique realm, but still harmonize well with the composition. The chorus isn’t just catchy, it’s ingeniously structured.

Drawing inspiration from the movie She’s The Man, the song is written from the perspective of Sebastian’s obstinate ex-girlfriend Olivia. She’s a in denial about the end of her relationship, convincing herself that they’re merely going through a “rough patch.” While her friends clearly see her denial and attempt to console her with Ben & Jerry’s, she chooses instead to drop a coin in the jar, a symbolic gesture representing the endless cycle of breaking up and reconciling.

Check out Rough Patch below!

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