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Wooll is based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Their serendipitous encounter took place during a casual game of ultimate frisbee. However, their connection didn’t stop there. As they delved deeper into conversation, they discovered a strikingly similar taste in music, igniting a flame of mutual admiration and camaraderie.

The new Wooll single, Bags of Hal, delivers everything you could possibly desire and more. The guitar work is superb. And above that, we have a boppy bass line and driving drums. The vocals are amazingly balanced, breathing in and out of the mix.

Wooll found inspiration for this song from a variety of factors, including influencing culture, divergent online groups, and untested fads and trends that appear unproven, but are argued to be the answer to problems. During the chorus, these topics are brilliantly woven together, with references to “man-o-sphere” and “Keto eyes”.

Wooll thrives on creativity. These people want to be themselves instead of letting others define them. Their passion for self-expression knows no bounds, as they strive to inspire to think critically, while also igniting the joy of dancing within their audience.

It seems 2024 will have a lot in store for the band. Check out Bags of Hal below!

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