Emily Alice Cherishes Friendship On ‘Us Girls’

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Meet Emily Alice, the vibrant young artist whose latest release, ‘Us Girls’, encapsulates the essence of friendship and cherishing the present moment in a heartwarming acoustic pop composition.

Emily Alice – Us Girls

Hailing from the picturesque locales of Lichfield, Staffordshire, and Nottingham, Emily Alice, at the age of 21, is making waves as a blossoming singer-songwriter. Her musical journey traces back to her childhood, where she immersed herself in guitar melodies for over 13 years and honed her vocal prowess for 6 years, infusing her creations with a profound emotional depth.

Despite her relatively short time in the spotlight since her debut, Emily Alice has garnered thousands of streams for singles like Ice Blue, Stronger, and In The Moment, along with notable airtime on BBC Introducing East Midlands.

Us Girls is Emily’s latest release, a nostalgic tribute to the cherished moments shared with best friends during university days – the laughter-filled nights, spontaneous outings, movie marathons, and the invaluable camaraderie that often goes unappreciated. Through her melodic storytelling, Emily reminds us that genuine love can manifest itself in the form of enduring friendships.

The track’s infectious hook coupled with lively instrumentation, featuring upbeat drums and cheerful acoustic guitar, creates an irresistible, feel-good anthem. Emily’s velvety vocals add a layer of sweetness that will leave you humming along, adorned with a contagious smile.

“Us Girls is a heartfelt reminder to embrace the present and recognise the profound impact of true friendship.”
Emily Alice possesses a natural talent for her craft. Her unwavering dedication and innate abilities mark her as an artist to watch.

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